Daily Spend – The System


​Below is a 100% FREE video series that will show you step by step how to set up and implement the Daily Spend system. All it takes is a few quick entries from your bank account and from this day on you will no exactly how much money you can afford to spend every day. 

​Below the video series is a pdf version of the instructions if you would prefer to learn the system that way, as well as links to the google sheet templates I have created for you so all you will have to do is plug in the numbers. 


VIDEO #1. The Daily Spend Concept

In this video,​ you will learn the psychological aspect of why this system works. How it keeps your budgeting process to simple daily spend decision and how it compels you to save instead of spend!


VIDEO #2.How to save the Daily Spend Template to your Google Drive

This video is a quick and simple step by step instruction on how to save the Daily Spend template to your own Google Drive.  ​Daily Spend Template link


VIDEO #3. ​How to Use Daily Spend

In this video, I will take you through a step by step tour on every vital aspect of the Daily Spend system. ​You will know exactly how and what financial data to enter and how the Daily Spend amount gets calculated. 


VIDEO #4. Advanced Daily Spend Techniques

In this final video, ​I will share some of the advance Daily Spend techniques I alluded to in the Daily Spend Concept. Once you have learned to calculate your Daily Spend, now it is time to see how and where to spend it. 


VIDEO #5. Daily Spend Transition

In this final video, ​I will show you how to transition from one Daily Spend pay period spreadsheet Ito the next. Once you have learned to calculate your Daily Spend, now it is time to see how keep your records in archives and transition to new ones. 


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